Thursday, 24 January 2013

New projects and makes for Valentines

Last year I was too late to submit new ideas to the Not on the high street valentines gift guides and categories, Christmas takes a lot of my time and thought and I found it a slow start for me to really get going with new ideas last year.
This year is different though, determined not to miss out on the Februarys flurry of Noths sales I have been beavering away in the evenings making a few Valentines Day related items.
I have brought some clay inside and have been working away in warmth and comfort a few evenings a week with some new ideas.
White Ceramic "You & Me.." bowls with attached ceramic buttons. I have
also attached a little matching handmade button on the box lid. These have
gone down very well so far, the red hearts have all sold so I am currently
making more.

This little porcelain ring bowl is made from porcelain clay and also comes
in a little box with a handmade button tied to the top. They have been imprinted with  lace.

A pair of little porcelain ear studs with punctuation symbols imprinted
into them.

Another little owl brooch made from porcelain, this time with a sage green glaze wash.


  1. Fabulous makes there but you got me at the end with that super cute little owl! Suzy x

  2. Awh thanks that little owl stamp gets everywhere!

  3. Love this work - the porcelain ring bowl is just beautiful!

    I've linked to this post on my blog -

    - hope that's okay :)



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