Monday, 13 June 2011

Stuff to use with clay.............

My mate knows what I like, every year she gets me something special for my Birthday and this year she got me something really special, not jewellery, not a new bag and not perfume,smellies or chocs.
These are tiny Art Deco printing blocks not sure how they were originally used but as the surfaces are made from copper inks would have been used. Such a lovely surprise as I havnt seen any quite as tiny or detailed as these. As you can see I have already tried them out and they are going to be used to pattern tiny tiles.

Here I have printed them onto porcelian clay and I'm going to attach brooch pins once they are fired. The tiny one infront is going to be attached to a ring eventually.

I have always seen these in supplier magazines but have never used one, its a clay gun and comes with a selection of different small disks to create long shaped pieces of clay so good to make long spagetti shaped strands for modelling and such. The children have found it amusing and have made some cute nests from it, that was prior to smearing the clay remains over the furniture.

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  1. what a lovely thoughtful present she gave you...what delightful designs (-:



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