Sunday, 2 September 2012

Making with porcelain clay (porcelain Owl Buttons)

Here are some photos of the owl buttons I have been making for my shop on Not on the high since last year, I have started making them in batches like these, so I can keep better hold on how many I have.

These are the buttons that have just been made so they are still soft at this stage.
Once fired I coat half of them in the teal glaze  or the moss green glaze you see below.

The white buttons are left unglazed, the others either have a teal glaze or a moss
green colour fired onto them.


  1. They are fab, I love the colour and the owls are lovely.

  2. Oh, they're so cute and amazing.

  3. Thank you, I do like making these buttons

  4. Love these buttons. I love buttons, love, love, love buttons and to see your owl ones...well I'm in button heaven!

  5. Have you made these with homemade porcelain clay or have you bought the clay? I had a go with homemade and had a bit of a nightmare. It was too sticky so added more cornflour then it cracked and curled as it dried out ��



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