Wednesday, 4 July 2012

School Project. Clay Letter Tiles

Last term I worked with another parent from school and we organised and after school Wildlife & Gardening club which involved 15 children from reception year to year 6.
We made wildlife feeders, planted seeds, made twig sculptures, all sorts of activities were organised each week for the children to do. I had been thinking about getting them to make something from clay, perhaps some cane toppers or something like that. However, the other parent suggested making some kind of tile to have permanently in our school garden.
Well after considering what we could do. I decided that each child should make one letter to form a set of 16 tiles that will eventually appear in the school garden.
Each child had a 4" x 4" square tile and they set about finding leaves and twigs to roll onto the clay surface. (the leaves leave a faint outline of the leaf veins onto the clay, really beautiful) Then they formed a large letter on top of the tile and continued to add interest to the tile and make it their own.

Here are the tiles laid out on my workshop table (all but the U which came later and didnt make the first firing in time)
I have been back to school and a few of the older children from the club have since glazed the surfaces of the tiles, and all are awaiting the second firing.
  See the results of the second firing here

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