Monday, 13 August 2012

Garden cane Toppers, A mini production line.

Mini production lines in my workshop.
These cane Toppers fit onto bamboo canes through the base and can be used in the garden to decorate tomato and sweet pea canes aswell as preventing you from stabbing your eyes on the tops when pricking out side shoots.
These are the cane toppers ready for drying straight after being made.

These are at green stage and have been made using a cast of a hand built egg I made using Indian print blocks to decorate the surface.

And at fired and packaged stage.

These are the cane toppers after firing.

I also make little bird toppers like these.

I make the little cotton drawstring bags and print onto cotton to package these items. Then they are ready to send now.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wells. Inspiration

My little trip to "Wells next to sea" this week. I love Wells and always find nice things there and have lots of good memories from there as a child, now my children come with me and love it just as much. Here are some of the things I brought back this time (bought and found)
A selection of bought and found objects, sea urchins,star fish, driftwood and stones ect..

I am going to find a climbling plant to grow through this aged rusted crown
These giant barnacles are stunning I found them in a lovely shop there I was so inspired by them Im going to make some from porcelain.

See my 2013 photos from Wells next to sea.


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