Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wedding Favour work update

Well finally they are done and they are on there way to the bride to be!
It took me almost half the day checking the hearts after the firing then I cut the ivory and champagne coloured ribbons and threaded them all up.

I wanted to bring Gus in with me but wasn't keen on him padding about on the workshop floor as Ive not swept up in a while and didn't want any ceramic shards getting in his paws. I used one of my old apple crates I use for my stalls, filled it with blankets and he was happy there for the most of the afternoon.
 I wonder how long he will be able to fit into that!
Some of the hearts ready to pack up.
If you have any questions about wedding favours please message me, I am happy to make these for small or large weddings.
 These commissions were for 110 porcelain hearts and 40 poppy heart favours, however i will consider any quantity.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Arrival!

I emptied the kiln on Monday with all the wedding favours in, so I really should be working, but I have a minor distraction!!
My Old Tyme Bulldog puppy

His name is Gus and he will be our canine companion from now on.
He is only 8 weeks old right now so its like having a newborn baby around. (All the extra washing, paper training, feeding ect….not to mention the stream of visitors we have had.)
He has had quite an impact on our lives already and we have all fallen for his charms.

Not sure when I will get time to thread all these ready for the weddings, I think I might take him in the workshop with me and put a hot water bottle under his blanket so I can thread them up tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wedding Favour Ceramic Hearts

Its good to know love is in the air and people are planning their special day. Some go the extra mile and give lots of attention to detail.
These two commissions came in on the same evening, I gave a quote for the numbers and after a few exchanged emails I got both of the commissions!!
I feel so happy to be involved in making someones wedding day a little bit more special.
All these hearts are drying out slowly due to the bad weather. Next week they will be glazed and fired

Lace impressed hearts in a larger size.
 I have made 120 of these so my work space is overrun with hearts right now.

Each heart will be threaded with ivory and champagne coloured ribbons to match their wedding theme colours.
The smaller hearts will be glazed with a poppy red glaze and copper centre.
 I have made 40 of these.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Year 8 Art workshop pinch pots

These are the results of the last glaze firing.
 I emptied the school kiln this morning and I was delighted with the results of this Year 8 pinch pot workshop. 
I showed a small group of year 8 students how to make small pinch pot forms from clay. The rest they did themselves, I love their quirky little designs, owls, cats and pot feet featured heavily.
They later glazed them and added a few glass beads to the bases to melt with the glaze.
I gave them their work today and they were thrilled with the results.


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