Friday, 1 April 2011

Indian block printing

I've been meaning to use these blocks for ages for something other than printing into clay (which I love) so I had a go at using them for what they were originally intended, printing onto indian paper & fabrics. I started out using them to print onto brown parcel paper & the backs of old wallpaper rolls to see how they came out.
Here is the selection of indian printing blocks all different sizes and designs.
I've mixed some water based paints and used some old fabric to press the blocks onto to absorb the paint.
Heres some of the results printed onto the brown packing paper

Here they are drying out on an inspiration board. I'm going to use some of them to pack up my ceramics next time I do a stall and some to wrap gifts, next time I will try using them with fabric, (next time I indulge)


  1. These make lovely wrapping paper! x

  2. They are lovely and make great wrapping paper. I bought a couple to use to texture polymer clay but haven't properly tried them out yet.

  3. I saw some at a boot sale last week. I could kick myself now. I didn't think of clay.

  4. Glad you are inspired by these, they are just lovely even if you don't use them to print with. I'd like to put some small hooks at the back of some of them and hang them on a wall.

  5. Wow - these are absolutely lovely! I have been wondering about wrapping paper as I feel the shop bought stuff is always a wee bit on the tacky side - and is a little emotionless. These look like the perfect solution! Do you mind me asking where you got your printing blocks from? They are such lovely designs.

  6. Most of these blocks came from a shop called country and eastern which sells indian furniture,textiles,clothes,paper and all things eastern. They have a website too I think so you may be able to buy online.



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