Wednesday, 6 April 2011

No breakages! No explaining!

In a recent post I mentioned the Greek pinch and coiled pots created by year 5 and 6. Well I've just unloaded the little kiln and all have remained in one piece. So here they are....



  1. So pleased they all survived their time in the kiln!! I bet the children will be so proud of their work - it looks look they put a lot of love into their creations. Also looking forward to seeing more of your block printed eggs!
    Liz :)

  2. They did put alot of work in & will see their creations tommorow.Now I have two dozen egg cups that another class have made. they are so sweet! I'm not sure where to go next with the block printed eggs, deciding whether to oxide wash, glaze or just fire the eggs, will post pics when they are ready as I know you too are a bit fond of eggs!

  3. Do the children get to paint their creatios next? I think they look lovely. There is just something about the way that children paint and create that is so appealing.

  4. I think the teacher wants to keep the pots the same colour to maintain a natural appearance (much to the childrens dissaproval,) I think they were hoping to paint them in an array of multi colours!!But next term they will be making masks and I they will be able to paint those, I will post them up when they do them



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