Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Personalised Wedding labels post firing

My last blog was about making these personalised wedding labels. They have had their first firing and I have tried one out on one of the jars I have been collecting.

 original post

These are the tags after the inicial firing, they have kept the curved shape during the firing quite well, so they should fit around the jars very nicely. 

At the moment they don't have anything to make the lettering stand out, so they will go back in the kiln after I have put some iron oxide onto them and given them a wash with clear glaze.

This is how I would like them to look, the lettering is a little darker on this one as Ive filled it with a fine liner to see how it would look, Ive tied them with garden string through the side holes to attach them onto the jar.
So easy

Monday, 24 August 2015

Personalised Wedding labels

These are initial stamped clay labels that will be used to dress up some flower vases and jars on a sweety bar at my wedding next year. 
They have been made flat and stamped with the first letter of our names and later formed around a tube to create a curved shape to them so that they sit around the jars. I plan to wrap some burlap or lace around the jars aswell so I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

Here is how they looked just after I had cut them all out them and personalised them.

Here is how they all looked after they were formed around a tube.
Here is how they looked after the first firing.


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