Workshop Tour


A display of sedum planted knee pots and pinch pots made by
 my three children.

This area I try to keep clear and free from clay & glaze so that books and finished pieces can be kept clean. The window was boarded up but I missed the light and now have some make-shift blinds I made from old curtain linings.

Main work area where I prepare clay, make and dry out my stuff.
The most used things are kept on a long shelf below the window
so everything I want is in reach.

mmm sweet, I think not; they are cuddled up this way when they are not
on village killing sprees or bringing it all back home.

My 11kw front loading kiln, re-conditioned a few years ago
with new elements, bricks ect.. At first I was really daunted by
using such a large piece of equiptment but now it feels really normal.
Currently, I fire this kiln approximatly 4/5 times a year as it takes so long
to make all the work and fill it to its full capacity.

 "Needless to say I never quite feel I have enough time to be in here amongst juggling school runs and childrens activities,chores and numerous other places I need to be, but somehow I suppose it makes it a bit special and I do feel lucky to spend time doing the things I enjoy. It is here that I can dissapear from the world and just enjoy the process of clay."
Drawers full of buttons

Tools,textured rollers, indian printing block,wire cutters,wooden
batts and some old keys.

Castle stilts for kiln shelves

My store of clays, earthstone,porcelain,terracotta and black chunky.


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  2. Jealous, moi!?
    I have everything I need but the dedicated space and time.
    Oh and the direction.
    I love clay but my focus is hazy at the moment. I guess a 2yr old and a 4yr old does that.
    School after the summer for my eldest, playgroup for my youngest.
    2 hours to ME!!



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