Monday, 6 April 2015

A Pot

I never make pots.
But recently I got the urge to, I hand built it just layering sections of clay, then graduated the pot to create the funnel neck, retrieved from a single firing with a lovely matt white glaze and some cobalt oxide painted flecked across the top.
I don't make pots because Im too critical about them when they are finished so I usually throw them away.
I like this one so it can stay, perfect it is not, flawed, very, but it is perfect for these catkins I think

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hunderwasser Clay Tiles School Projects


School project for the year 8's, looking at Hunderwasser paintings and creating a clay glazed tile in the style of.
The tile has images of the seaside town where they live, as they needed to incorporate things from their environment into the tile, In this example I made for them I have included the wind turbines, fairground roof shapes, part of a traditional windmill, the sea, a seagull and part of a recycling sign. The sides were built up so that glass could be melted into the recesses.
The Year 8's loved this project!!


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