I work with a variety of clay bodies and form my pieces with my hands. I use a variety of tools, some bought some found and some made.

I use course grogged Black clay, stoneware and fine white porcelain clays . 

I like to change the types of clay I use and find that it adds variety to my collections.


My work comprises of individual pieces inspired by the landscapes and coastline around me…..


to small collections of functional ceramics like the soap stands above and the porcelain wedding favours below.

I also undertake small bulk orders for retail outlets or bespoke items.


Each piece is made with individual attention and undergoes several firings prior to finish.


I make my own tools and stamps to enhance the surface of my work.

I am drawn to print and textiles and it also features heavily on my clay surface.

Indian textiles and Japanese pattern are my particular favourites.


I share my successes and my failings as neither can exist without the other.

Hand building and slab techniques are my main focus 

and way of working.

My finished pieces have small areas of glaze and oxides applied to the surface.

You can view and purchase my work at:


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