Monday, 30 January 2012

Current Projects.... Building up ''

January isn't usually a month I tend to work with clay. After busy Decembers it tends to be quiet and time to re-charge and start thinking about new projects and what I would like to achieve in the current year. This year though and since joining Not on the High Street I haven't had that luxury and I have needed to keep making to keep my work replenishing after sales so the shop doesn't look sparse. Although January is a quiet month , a trickle of sales keep coming so I have been making ready to do the next firing.
Here is some of what I have been doing.
Clay plant markers with a new top design.

Soap dishes the reverse side has four little feet and a veined imprint on the lower side.

These little bowls are made for Valentines gifts and should be ready soon.
They are made from porcelain clay hence the heap of broken ones that didn't make
the refining stage. 

Some more terracotta bird feeders.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Inspiring Ceramics

Just a few of the inspiring pages from one of my new books received this Christmas.

Joy Brown
Sitter with knees up

Marie E.V.B. Gibbons
Orange suited swimwear

Juliellen Byrne
Yellow Horse with puppet rider


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