Monday, 18 April 2011

Just Hatched...... and still warm!

Unloaded these from the kiln today, been busy adding wire loops to hang them then making good use of the sunshine to take photos. Listed in the Folksy shop.

Here are some more listed on Folksy. Birds seem to be a bit of a thing at the moment and these have proved quite popular, also making good use of those printing blocks!!


  1. Oooo I do like these. They are very pretty.

    You should try making a few of them into fridge madnets for the kitchen maybe with a few eggs by their feet?

    Stephie :-)

  2. They are lovely - a hundred times better than the rows of identical decorations available in the shops.

  3. I have named you in an award on my blog post for the 21st April 2011. You can see it here...

    I love this blog so keep up the good work


  4. Wow how exciting will check it out now!



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