Sunday, 27 March 2011

Egg decorating competion!!

Check these out......
They are this years entries from my own little house midgets. As there didn't have to be an Easter theme we went to town and have no links to Easter whatsoever.

"Mr Egg and his veggie patch"
 My daughter made this little garden and made all the vegetables out of plasticine and fimo clay. The planter trough and spade came from their farm.

"Mr Eggs day at the beach"
A simple one from my youngest son, he stuck on the googly eyes and shovelled sand and added tiny shells, a little help from big sisters Polly pocket accessories to dress him up a bit with a hat,sunglasses, parasol and suntan lotion!

"Triceratops Egg with monkey"  (apparently)
An aptly obscure entry from my oldest boy, no help wanted as he just does things his own sweet way! offering the bizarre and the unconventional at every opportunity.
Lets hope we have a winner! Will let you know if we do


  1. They're great!!

  2. Fab!

    discovered you here through Folksy thread...

  3. My favourite is the beach scene - hilarious! x



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