Thursday, 3 March 2011

What to do with Granny's bone china?.....

100_3408 by littlebrickhouse
100_3408 a photo by littlebrickhouse on Flickr.
Ok so I've heaps of old stuff that I can't part with, some useful, some useless and some old and sentimental, most of it should go I know but I am my mothers daughter for sure and seem to be following in her footsteps and just hanging on to things that may one day be of use to somebody, stuffing cupboards,piling it onto shelves and sneeking it into wardrobes and under beds (and that's not even a mention of my shed and garage)
There is no such thing as a minimal existence in my world.....
Well lets stop the ramblings right there and show you what I did with "Granny's old china" back in the autumn of 2010.


  1. I think old cups look beautiful with flowers and bulbs in x

  2. how sweet! I want to rush out and buy some daffodil bulbs now or am I too late? Lucyxx

  3. It's a bit late for daffodils & crocus now, but you could have a scout around the garden centre for summer flowering bulbs, you could try them, (but check they are small varieties) Happy potting!

  4. Those would make great Mother's Day gifts... with a hyacinth or daffodils especially. Darling!



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