Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Clay Days ~ works in progress ~

Unable to finish any one thing at the moment, life just seems like a succession of unfinished projects all needing a little time spent on them, I try to spend as much time with the children when they are not at school so that I feel OK about time spent in the workshop, so the result does seem to be an erratic way of making things as I can't always get out to finish pieces off or move things onto the next stage. Here are some things I'm working on right now....
An addition to my egg projects, these are printed and etched with Indian print blocks & slip cast in a mould I made recently, more about them when I've finished them.I know they don't look functional yet but they will be.

Little handmade buttons waiting to go onto a babies hand knit cardigan.

Teeny Tiny porcelain buttons

These buttons measure approx 5mm and have been made from porcelain clay. I was asked to make them for a baby's cardigan, I think they will turn out well so I've made more and will list them in my shop once they are ready. Some are sanded until smooth and others I have stamped with a daisy stamp (so there is a choice for a boy or girl, whatever it may be) I think a really thin needle will be needed to sew them onto the cardigan, oh and pretty good eyesight!


  1. Those eggs are going to look amazing! I've got a bit of a thing for Indian blockprint - the designs are so appealing :)

  2. I love Indian block print too! They may not be functional, but those eggs will be the most wonderful of decorative items!



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