Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wedding Favour work update

Well finally they are done and they are on there way to the bride to be!
It took me almost half the day checking the hearts after the firing then I cut the ivory and champagne coloured ribbons and threaded them all up.

I wanted to bring Gus in with me but wasn't keen on him padding about on the workshop floor as Ive not swept up in a while and didn't want any ceramic shards getting in his paws. I used one of my old apple crates I use for my stalls, filled it with blankets and he was happy there for the most of the afternoon.
 I wonder how long he will be able to fit into that!
Some of the hearts ready to pack up.
If you have any questions about wedding favours please message me, I am happy to make these for small or large weddings.
 These commissions were for 110 porcelain hearts and 40 poppy heart favours, however i will consider any quantity.


  1. Such pretty hearts and lovely photography of them.

    1. Thank you, I am so glad they are all done now and on there way. Just hope to here from the recipients soon to know that they have arrived safely.



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