Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wedding Favour Ceramic Hearts

Its good to know love is in the air and people are planning their special day. Some go the extra mile and give lots of attention to detail.
These two commissions came in on the same evening, I gave a quote for the numbers and after a few exchanged emails I got both of the commissions!!
I feel so happy to be involved in making someones wedding day a little bit more special.
All these hearts are drying out slowly due to the bad weather. Next week they will be glazed and fired

Lace impressed hearts in a larger size.
 I have made 120 of these so my work space is overrun with hearts right now.

Each heart will be threaded with ivory and champagne coloured ribbons to match their wedding theme colours.
The smaller hearts will be glazed with a poppy red glaze and copper centre.
 I have made 40 of these.


  1. They look great! You must be quite busy at the moment!! :)

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