Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The chicken before the egg or the other way round........

This month has been too busy and I've not spent as much time in the workshop making things as I would have liked. Other things have had to take priority so therefore its been a quiet month for new ideas,blogging,making and firing ect....
I did get out in the workshop a few days ago though to clean up a bit and check on the drying out and once a small space was cleared amongst all the junk, unglazed pieces and such I made these.......
Little hand built fat hens, so easy to make with a ball of soft clay, rolled and shaped and little beaks,combs and wattles added.

They are all smooth but I did have the intention of scratching and adding texture to their bodies so that oxide and glaze could be added  before firing them. After going back in today to check them over they have all dried to bone dry stage in such dry warm weather, so they will need to be damped down again to do this. They will make good paper weights once finished or little displays for hen enthusiasts. 


  1. Absolutely lovely Naomi! These little critters would look great in a kitchen too!

    Stephie :-)

  2. These are so cute! Wowsers. Following you now and off to favourite your shop.




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