Saturday, 2 February 2013

Low Winter Sun and rough edges at my Work station

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I had brought some clay inside as it was just too cold to go in the workshop and the clay had just frozen in the bags making it impossible to cut any off.
 So I set up a little nook inside, in the warm where I have a few boards, tools and have been making small things with a new porcelain white earthstone clay, which I have to say I have already fallen for as it is so very nice to make things from.
These little heart cubes are going to be attached to the lids of the tiny
 kraft boxes I have started using with my smaller bowls and jewellery
There is a photo at the bottom of this post of boxes they will be displayed on.

Here is one of my You & Me.. bowls with the lettering just finished.
I like the rough edges at this stage but just can't live with them so they all get
refined and smoothed off at the next stage.

I like the colour of these photos, I have been working at tea time and the
low winter sun has given my photos a warm sepia glow, I will have to remember to take photos around this time again, it makes a change from the cool blue light so typical of England.

These little hearts are quite solid and I have used a vintage button and pressed it into
 these hearts with some lace. They are a nice little size and good for valentines gifts,
I will be presenting them in the little boxes. I have used oxides on the pattern, infact
they are firing now I hope they turn out ok.

Note to self...
Im going to make some extra effort to blog more about my staged
projects and my display boards I am working on at school. Ive been involved with
boards for Drama and Music department and am going to get some pics of the boards to
show you just as soon as they are finished.


  1. Loving all those hearts! Have fun if you stay in your nook. Suzy x

  2. Yes I think I will be staying in the nook a little while longer I've got quite cosy there, no need to venture out to the workshop soon only I will get nagged at for having clay hanging around after a while!

  3. Love these little bowls! Lets hope the weather improves soon, at least warm enough to stop your clay freezing!! :)

    1. Well I think it is about to freeze again, as I've just looked outside to see another coating of snow. Oh well I will be working inside for a little longer.

  4. Wow! Your wrk is beautiful!! Especially those little hearts!

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