Friday, 22 February 2013

Deep Deep Concentration. These are my kiddo's

Its half term, the children's break and mine too if they allow it. 
I always try to get them to unwind and just keep themselves busy for at least two "stay at home days" this invariably includes the usual distractions, garden, Lego, Xbox, reading, (baking, not me!) and with some encouragement something creative usually goes on, although as they get older they know what they want to do, so I try to just let them get on with it.

Ned is making tiny toadstools and acorns from a buff clay, he has decided he only likes the smooth stuff now and won't touch anything that has a coarse grog in it.
 He knows what he likes.

Just look at the concentration!
He makes lovely things but just won't go to it enough, I really have to temp him, then he just gets in the "zone" and he's there for an age, making away with his tiny fingers.

Noah's not so keen on the aftermath of using clay, partly because it means he's going to have to wash his hands at some point, less he does that the better for him, he thinks, grubby littlest one!
He uses fimo clay and spends most of the time warming it up in his hands.
 He is making germs, yes you read it right! germs, the microscopic ones that look quite beautiful under a microscope. There is a photo of them a few pics down.

He is making the lined underside of the mushroom with an old iTunes card.
Yep, hes been watching his mother!

One of Neds acorns.
His little germs are just below the box

Molly doing homework based on Hunterwasser. Line drawings using pencil 
then black liner over the top.

Molly's in the "zone"
She reminds me so much of myself when I was little, I always worked on the floor,
never  at a table, always under one,
and I always used my knees as a rest for whatever I was doing and still in my PJ's as she is.

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