Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Time for a fresh Start and a new bench..of course

I've been putting it off! the workshop looked such a mess and wasn't going to tidy itself. 

The big pile of boxes that was kept on the corner finally reduced to a reasonable size (they are always the hardest things to store in here and encroach onto most of the floor and look such a mess, i cannot reach anything when its like that, but space is limited in here and its just something i have to live with.
So high time for a clear out. Ive got the strongest urge to just chuck loads out, including some of the ceramics that have been around a while, I just don't want to see them anymore and I want to make new things to look at.
So I've had a good clear out and tidy up plus!!! NEW BENCH, yep Ive been waiting sometime for it. I was getting back ache wedging clay on such a low table and know that working at a higher level just feels right. I prefer to work standing so I was hunching over and was ending up in pain after time.

Here it is being put together.
Ive got a shelf below where I will be able to stack all the clay, I am so needing of this and have
 been putting off buying a bulk of it as Ive had so little space to store it.

The long shelf which has all my tools and brushes on
now sits a little higher up from where it was before.

Oh I am so pleased I keep going out to look at it, thats just so sad I know,
but I have always had a thing about a good work bench!

My old table has been moved to the other side
 where I will use it for glazing and store boxes below it.
Its been a while since it has been this tidy in here and I don't suppose 
all that new wood will look that clean for long. 
Now all I need is more time.

Blessings and Happy New Year to you all


Here's how it used to look.


  1. Its a fabulous creative space now, I love it xxxxx

  2. Looking fab- ready for the new year :)

    1. Yes, all ready now, no excuse to procrastinate!



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