Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Snow and warm Kiln Loads

This is what I woke up to on Tuesday!

View from my bedroom window.

and this is what I woke up to today!

So my week has been a series of checking for three school closures (fairly inconsistent there) so
I may have done school run to one school but not another, & the school where I work is on the coast 
so it didn't snow there until today, but we had a class trip to the National Portrait Gallery to London
which was cancelled on the day.

So, I fired my kiln and got going with some orders and a large commissioned order for a shop in Swansea. I fired the little kiln and as the temperature was -6 it cooled pretty quick so I could retrieve all the work within 24hrs, well that's never happened before! 

I have made a selection of lace embedded porcelain hearts, some 
vintage key hearts and the larger fairy hearts. 
All have been sent off to their new owner now.

Also warm from the kiln are these little porcelain disc pins, they are teeny tiny measuring just 2cm with a 15mm pin.

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