Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Commisions before Christmas

Here are some of the commissions I have been working on over the past few weeks. They have mostly gone to their new homes now so its a bit of a delayed blog. Here are the plaques anyway.

This is a lace impressed porcelain bowl with the lettering of  a newborn baby girl.

These are room plaques which are designed to hang on doors.

This commission was an interesting one, the lady it was made for was forever being woken up during the day by delivery companies, cold callers and the like and needed something to hang on her door that she could just turn around when she wanted to sleep during the day.
I have made many of these over the years, they are little ceramic tiles measuring 4cm x 4 cm with tiny writing with the name date and time of the babies birth. I don't do these very much now as the frames are harder to source, but this was for someone who bought one before, so I couldn't refuse. I have decorated the inside with patterned papers.
There is a story behind this one, the photo below shows why. Originally I made Sharon's shed but since then Sharon's other half has slowly taken over her shed and now houses Adrian's bike amongst his other things. So Sharon has asked for it to become Adrian's shed, hence why Sharon's name has been crossed out!
Sadly though this commission developed a hairline crack at the bottom which annoyingly just cracked on the surface and not right through.
So aggravating!
For more house plaques and commissions click here.


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