Thursday, 29 November 2012

Commissions Progress Report

Im getting used to the plaques now, it seems as though Ive done a lot lately. They are a headache though, getting the damn things to stay straight whilst drying then into the kiln and who knows what shape they will go in there, Ive had a few go bendy which is so disappointing!
Ceramics should come with warning signs which go something like "Not for control freaks" or "expect the unexpected!" because thats all it really is. I don't feel like I have much control after loading it all into the kiln, its just going to do what its going to do, happy accidents and not so happy ones.
Well this is one that didn't come out looking tortilla shaped!
I am super pleased with this one, nice and flat and the leaves are just lovely.
I hope they like it!!

This is the plaque just after scratching the initial lettering.

More house signs, this one is for someones gate

and a larger one for their house.

I thought I had divorced myself from this kind of work,
 but clearly not yet.
A few years ago I made the fish at the top along
 with two others for a lady
who wanted one for each of her children.
Then she had another one and wanted another plaque for Lailey.
Fortunatly I still had the tool to make it and a bit of the clay
used and the same glazes.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I gave it to the commissioner today and they thought so too so relieved



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