Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kiln Fresh

I am finished making Christmas things now. 
I scaled down a lot last Christmas and decided to just make a few christmas related items that I liked making and using as gifts and hanging on my own Christmas trees as I was beginning to feel like a christmas making factory, and a conveyor belt of things I got fed up with making came spilling out of my workshop, not to mention how much space they were all taking up.
 So scaling down has been definitely a good decision to make and well, I cope with Christmas orders better and just like it a whole lot more again.

This is what I have been making this year.

White clay stars
Folksy Shop

White clay bird tags
and Not on the high street

Blue print block ceramic tiles
Not on the high street

Terracotta Christmas trees
Not on the high street

Scandinavian Dala Horses
Not on the high street


And this is it!!!

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