Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting ready for Christmas Fairs

I don't go out to sell my work much these days, most of the local fairs like you to book well in advance and often won't let sellers book the odd day and prefer a commitment of at least three days. I can't do this anymore as it interferes with all sorts of things in our lives, the children need to be looked after, work would be impossible to re-arrange throughout that week and to be honest I would need to work flat out making, just to get enough stock ready and keep online shops full over the Christmas period and   a generous amount of stock to make a 3 day event viable.
However I do like to still do stalls if I can, the "one day kind" suits me better nowadays. So I have been thinking about how my stall will look next time.
I always tier up my work on different levels and have many shelves, boxes and bowls to put smaller items on.
I picked up this lovely old frame for £1 
from a second hand shop, it didn't
have any glass  in it 
but I didn't 
need any for what I wanted to use it for.
I gave it a good clean and oiled the wood and it came up like this. 

I took out the back and replaced it with 
several sheets of thick cardboard and covered it 
with a stone coloured linen and added some
 lace touches around the edges.  Many of my buttons have

 a vintage appearance and they also have lace imprinted 
onto the clay with some of them so I
thought the lace looked quite good on there.
I think this to be a better way to display my 

buttons, as before I felt they were often
 ignored and lost amongst my larger items, this way 

they can be seen at eye level.

I have used pins to attach the buttons onto the board

These little wooden pegs are covered with patterned papers,
music sheet and Japanese washi papers and I have attached a
 little porcelain disc on each one. Again these are a smaller item that often gets lost amongst larger
items and I have found this little wooden box to keep them in
so they can be stacked against each other.

White ceramic stars hanging from twisted hazel branches.??
They look nice but
whether they are practical on a table Im not sure, 
I can imagine them getting
 caught on things!

I have bought a bulk amount of these little Kraft lidded
 boxes to present my Christmas
decorations this year, they make good sense to me because 
I have to wrap up so much
 and this will save time both with online sales and 
wrapping and also wrapping
items behind a stall.
Thats the theory anyway!

These little glassine bags hold an individual ceramic 
heart in them, as yet Im not sure what to do with them 
or how to display them so that people know whats inside them, so for now they are stacked on the lid of a shoe box!
mmm.. needs some thought!

I have made these so that I can write any info and prices ect...
on them when I have set everything up. They have a flap 
at the back so they don't look flat on the table and they can stand up on their own, I havnt used these before
but I think they will be useful and saves me putting an 
individual price tag on everything.

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