Sunday, 25 September 2011

Go make soap! ....

Back in March 2011 I made a few batches of cold pressed soap and put a few of my favourite recipes on the blog, after the soap had set I sliced it into rectangles and stored it away in my airing cupboard for it to cure, its been a few months now and its colour is paler and the soap has gone hard ready to use. This soap has loads of tiny bubbles when its used and the scent is very mild. I've decided that some will be given away as small gifts this Christmas so I set about packaging it with some lovely printed papers, this is how I did it....

A selection of patterned papers to wrap around the soap.

The papers were cut into rectangles approx 25cm x 10cm and folded around each soap and secured with paper string.

Here is the cured soap I made back in March 2011. The recipe for calendula & orange soap is here, and the recipe for Goats milk a & Almond butter is here.

After the soap is wrapped I attatched a label with the soap name and ingredients onto the string

The labels were designed in a word document and printed onto regular white card.

Finished soap!


  1. Very interesting Naomi. You've also made your soaps very pretty and anyone would be pleased to receive one. A job well done.

  2. Beautifully done!! So glad you put the recipes for some soaps here as I fancy having a go myself xx

  3. They are So pretty, i love the papers you chose. They show case your soaps beuatifully.

    <3 Dotty

  4. These look so gorgeaous. Anyone would love to receive one as a Christmas gift. Am going to check out your recipes right now . . . :-)

  5. Thank you for all your positive comments and look forward to seeing your soap when its made.Enjoy!!1



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