Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mixing New Glaze samples in my workshop & making clay colour samples.

Here are some new glaze samples I am mixing up and storing in glass jars. I am trying to build up a few different colours so I have ordered a few new ones to try.  
Warm water is added to each glaze sample and mixed well then allowed to settle.

Each jar is labelled with the colour and firing temperature and stuck onto the jar for easy identification. The colours will differ significantly from the colour of the mixed glazes in jars. Amongst these there will be reds, greens, blues and mustard toned glazes. At least, this is what I am expecting, but different firings produce different effects with glazes.

These are clay smaples which I will use to keep a record of the new glaze samples. Some will be brushed on and others dipped, both creating different effects. The dragged lines on the samples are to show how glazes work on recessed areas and smooth areas. The hole at the top is just so that i can pin them up in the workshop as reference.
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  1. Wonderful to see the process like this, in photos and words. Especialy love the first photo, with the glazes looking wonderfully yummy!

  2. The colours you are mixing look really adorable, thank you for your lovely comment about my "plaster" canvas, it is purely experimental as I had no idea what it would turn out like, so far the comments have been positive xx

  3. What a thoroughly entertaining and informative blog - love to see all those samples once glazed please...

  4. Thank you for all your positive comments, I will be firing again soon, so I will let you se the final glaze colours




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