Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Project ( Glass melt jewellery)

Ive got some new projects on the go right now, amongst keeping up with orders and school related activities, Ive felt the urge to work really small again.
Ive been making some test pieces of little porcelain discs in the shape of a tiny bowl to melt glass and glaze together. I would like to make an array of colours ( something to match what you wear ) maybe, but Ive only had current success with cobalt and aqua coloured glaze glass.
These are the unfired porcelain discs.

Here they are again after they have been fired with glass, I do like how the glass crackles inside the bowls.

A few extra colours but the results have varied much as some of the glazes haven't suited the glass.

This is the bowl I got the idea from, I wanted to create the same kind of technique only on a miniature scale so I could wear them.

A product shot for Not on the High Street

Ive also thought about some attractive packaging for when I ship them out.

View more glass and ceramic melting projects here.


  1. Just love your packaging, suits your products so well.
    Heather :)

    1. Thank you. I wasn't sure whether to keep it simple or dress it up, but it's always good to open something in good packaging.



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