Sunday, 29 June 2014

student clay work and weaving update.

A few weeks back I posted some clay work with feather imprints onto my blog. You can see the original post here....
Since then I have mounted over 250 window framed paintings/drawings for the GCSE exhibition and displayed them so needless to say its been a very busy time for me. 

For the clay work I didn't want to display on the boards as the student hadn't put holes in her work making it more difficult for me to hang it so I decided to use this old unused beech drawer I found in the art department. I have used a black mount board inside it and gave the outside the drawer a quick sand. The clay work fits in a treat!, so now it is displayed this way and lent against her board with her weaving and batik work. I like how this students work draws attention as its not like anything else in the room, she has done well!
She has also made ceramic buttons and tied them into her weavings.

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