Monday, 31 March 2014

Student Clay work

The Art rooms have been very busy with new clay work from the yr 10 and yr 11 students.
The work in the photos below are yr 10 clay tiles, ideas are in abstract forms from their own personal projects.
Pieces have been bisque fired then fired again with stoneware glazes and glass shards from recycled wine bottles inserted into the recesses.
Amazingly only 3 glaze colours were used on these, the varied colours are due to different coloured glass onto of these 3 glazes.

I will be firing more this week so I will post more photos soon.
View more ceramic and glass melt projects here.


  1. I love the feel and look of your students abstract clay projects. I have only used low fire clay for my students. Does the stoneware clay fire at a high temp? I usually fire to cone 06 and wondered if I could branch out a little. I am not a clay expert and have learned from hit and miss!

    1. Hi chris, I fire them all to 1000c then do a second firing with the glaze and the glass together to 1200c, I think you could do something similar with earthenware temperatures. Just make sure you do some test pieces to make sure the glass has melted.
      These were experiments really some of the colours would be really difficult to match again, like the emerald green, I think it's a fusion between one of the glazes and the recycled glass.
      The students have loved this project and have been really impressed with their results, it's always worthwhile trying it out if they are happy with the end result.



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