Monday, 17 March 2014

Fired on images The results.

My last blog post was an experimental firing about using ceramic images to fire onto my work. I promised an update and here it is:
Here are some of the pieces, prior to firing, still damp after the transfers have been applied. 

Loaded into the little kiln once the transfers had fully dried.
Lid shut, here goes a 4 hr firing to just 800'c

These are the pieces (much like when they went into the kiln, except the images are now part of the piece (fired into the clay/glaze instead of sitting on top)

Feathers featured on these glazed planters.

Here are some of the failures, not certain why these transfers didn't take but I have a feeling they work better on a smoother glazed surface, on the bisque or matt surfaces they seemed to flake away.

However on the whole each transfer fired on well and is definitely a permanent solution to transferring images onto my work.

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