Sunday, 20 October 2013

Some New things and shop revamp time!

Well Folksy has been a bit of a wash out this year Ive had no time to do the promotion that is so needed with sites like that and Not on the High street keeps me on the tips of my toes pretty much all year round and with the day job my poor Folksy shop has suffered and well.. died a sorry death.
Folksy have revamped again and this time I really like the layout, the shops look fresh and I feel inclined to give it a bit of attention again, I have to say its got a bit more user friendly than when I last loaded up the product pages, I have listed 4 new things today and it hasn't eaten all my time and was so much easier than before.
Here is what I have put in my shops today:

Ceramic message stones.

I havnt listed this to sell yet, as I have just photographed it to use as my shop avatar, its a little bowl decorated on the underside and melted glass inside, this is one of  the nicer ones that I got from the kiln last week.

This is now my new folksy shop banner,

Just listed in Not on the High street shop, fresh for Christmas.

Japanese silk inspired bowls, I have lots of these, all a little bit different from the next so this one is now on Folksy too.


  1. Best of luck with your Folksy shop revamp. Your items are very lovely indeed! :)



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