Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Right White Glaze Test Result (making my own Glaze)

Last post I was trying out new recipes for a white stoneware glaze that I could make myself from the raw ingredients that I already have in my workshop. 
I made up four different whites that I thought may suit the firing range I generally fire to (1260c), and the type of stoneware clay I use. 
This was the original post

Here are the test sample results after a 1250.c firing range. As you can see they are quite different with really only two that I would consider using for my work.
Glaze 1 sample I wont make again, its not right for my work and looks gloopy.

Glaze 2 is better it has fitted well onto the clay, it just may need a thicker coat when applied.

Gill's white is good for my work, it fits well onto the clay and its smooth and not too shiny.

Lucie Rie's White was the worst fit for my clay, you can see that it has started to separate away from the clay sample and just looks bobbly and gloopy (not for me) 

sorry Lucie

Here they are again and I fired the same glazes onto broken pieces of greenware (unfired clay) to see how they looked. I think the results were similar to results on bisque ware (fired clay)
Im going to definately make the Gill's White and begin to use this on my work. 

So watch out for new pieces that I will be using this new white glaze on.

and this is how I make and choose new glazes to make!

This is my glaze board. I use all these colours on my work, some are bought glazes and some are made from raw materials. I just keep adding to it when I find something I like to use.


  1. The gill's white recipe:

    50 felt spar
    20 zinc oxide
    10 whiting
    10 tin oxide

    Oxidised 1,250c

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  3. Looking at your photos, if the test pieces ar arranged in the same order, it looks to me as if the Lucie Rie test is good on the raw clay. This is consistent with her practice of only single firing.

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      I havn't used the lucie rie glacé since these test pieces were fired as I have tried a number of firings and have found white glazes much more suitable to my work. I suppose it is really down to personal taste but I didn't like the finish of that particular glaze on my work, perhaps on something more sculptural I would prefer it.
      Apologies if you are a fan of this glaze I hope you have more success with it than I did.



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