Monday, 17 June 2013

Ceramic Twiggle Shoes

I Love this place!
It just so happens that I have a friend that joined this great place when it opened its doors quite a few years ago. She has now become the organiser of storytelling and runs a team of twiggles and boggles (Woodland and bogland creatures to the rest of us) and is an all round person of great ideas and creative and imaginative projects throughout the park.
I promised to make these little twiggle shoes for Bewilderwood a few months ago, so I finally set about making a pair. They are just the first pair, but I think each pair should be a little bit different, fitting for each character. The idea is to set them outside the twiggle houses you can see in the bottom photograph, and to hang them onto the trees where the twiggle socks are hung.
I have rolled some of the clay onto some heavy weave fabric so they still have a fabric appearance once they have been fired. Cut out the soles and added the sides and added shape to the heal and have given them a little pointed toe.

Twiggle Houses high up in the Bewilderwood trees

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  1. The top and bottom images are not showing, but the shoes are beautiful xxx



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