Thursday, 17 May 2012

Glaze Samples and not so happy accidents

A little while back I got hold of some new watercolour glazes which can be used on the clay and over glazed with a clear glaze to create a watercolour appearance.
 The tester pieces came out as expected but I used them on my fox hooks and I'm not too keen on the look of them so they are going back in the kiln for a third firing with some extra coats of glaze.
These are the Amaco glaze samples fired on

And at the stage of painting them onto the bisque fox hooks.

I feel a bit let down really as  I thought the colours would be softer and I'm annoyed at myself for doing them all at the same time without really knowing the end result. (not that you really know what you're going to get when you open the kiln when trying new glazes)
Mmmm not v happy when I opened the kiln and saw these.

Unfortunately this project will just fade into the background for a while so I can concentrate on other work, I will post back when Ive given them another firing and see how they come out next time.
Sorry to end on a bit of a negative but as I had got such positive reponses to the hooks in the original post, I thought it fair to follow up with what happened to them. 
 Well its all part of the making process I suppose. 
Live & Learn!!


  1. Aww its a shame these didn't come out as you hoped, but you've learned from it, which is good :)

    Bit late of me but the bobby pins I received from winning the giveaway were gorgeous by the way!

    Leanne x x



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