Thursday, 24 November 2011

Magic Reindeer Food!........

Well its not like me to sew things, (far to clean and precise for my hands) but around this time of year I do try to get involved with my children's school and offer some help with making these...............

Magic Reindeer Food!
Little hessian sacks filled with glitter and oats for children to sprinkle on the ground on Christmas Eve for Santa and his reindeer Sleigh. (Ahh I think I want to be a child again.) This is one of our Christmas Eve rituals and they add an extra bit of magic to Christmas.
Mmmm but when you make fifty of them, it does get a bit tedious.
I'm so glad they are all done now!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tiny and Porcelain

Well I opened the kiln ages ago ,but have just been swamped with different projects, work at school, initialising my shop set up with Not on the High Street and Reindeer Bags, (don't ask!) alongside juggling childrens clubs,school and no chance of an afternoon playing with clay, I don't think that's going to be possible until the new year. This time of year is manic and I never feel it gets done right. But oh well I'm quite pleased with these finished small pieces I showed you in my last blog.
Storm Cloud Brooch Pin

Storm Cloud Ear Studs

These are listed on Folksy

Art Nouveau Tile Brooch

Owl Brooch Pin.

Storm Cloud Hair Slides

Little Stem Hair Slides

Polka Style Buttons 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little tiny pieces of Art

Putting the stoneware and terracotta clays aside for the time being and working on some tiny porcelain pieces that I've been considering for a while. I have some silver jewellery fastenings that I'm going to use with these porcelain pieces.
The smaller discs are going to be ear studs and the larger discs will be brooch pins.

A selection of buttons and pendants,some left clear to experiment with later.

Rain cloud brooch pin discs and ear studs.

And not forgetting all the stuff that helped me make them


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