Thursday, 24 November 2011

Magic Reindeer Food!........

Well its not like me to sew things, (far to clean and precise for my hands) but around this time of year I do try to get involved with my children's school and offer some help with making these...............

Magic Reindeer Food!
Little hessian sacks filled with glitter and oats for children to sprinkle on the ground on Christmas Eve for Santa and his reindeer Sleigh. (Ahh I think I want to be a child again.) This is one of our Christmas Eve rituals and they add an extra bit of magic to Christmas.
Mmmm but when you make fifty of them, it does get a bit tedious.
I'm so glad they are all done now!



  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen or heard of this before and it's wonderful. I know what you mean about it being tedious but they are soooo worth the effort, I love them! Clever Girl.

  2. How wonderful, you could sell these you know!! x

  3. Thanks for your comments. I believe they are an American idea that has been adopted over here by a few.
    The school has been making them for about 7 years now and they "ALL" sell every year infact the school takes orders for them prior to the day of the fair then sells the rest of at the fair, they really are popular.
    As for selling them, I think by the time I've made 50 for the school I'm glad to see the back of them, they take ages to do.



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