Saturday, 30 November 2013

Street Market with my potter "Pots"

I am doing my first street market on the 1st December in Bungay, Chaucer Street, Suffolk. Ive always wanted to do an outside stall and show my ceramics outside in the open, so this year I have opted to do one. Cold as it may be Im going to brave it.
Here are some of the new things I will be taking.
My little bird stamps being put to good use. I have stamped them into porcelain clay and glazed these bowls with iron oxide and a clear glaze wash.
My love of fusing glaze and glass continues.
Our finished vino bottles getting put to good use. Smashed up and melted in my pots and bowls.
Im not a "potter Potter" if that makes sense but my pots do seem to be getting larger and, indeed I am making, well, Pots!!
This one is fruit bowl sized.

I love this verdigris glaze, its so rich, this pot is also fruit bowl sized.
Getting Bigger!!

This is a teeny tiny ring bowl made from porcelain with turquoise glaze and a little melted glass.
It measures just 5cm.

I made this bowl with thin strips of stoneware clay wrapped around itself, printed with textile blocks, its wonky but its my favourite one so Im going to keep it.
Also fruit bowl sized with a little shot of cobalt and turquoise glaze and a few glass beads melted into the centre.

See how wonky it is!!
It looks like a child made it.

Lastly, this one sold before it went to market but I will talk about it anyhow.
 I used the verdigris glaze again but this time on different clay body, another little hanging pot.  Threaded with red leather strap which I think goes quite well with the green and brown tones. This one was chunky, the sides were about 1cm thick.

I hope you liked looking at my potter pots!


  1. God luck tomorrow, I'm sure you will sell lots!! Remember to take a flask of tea and some biccys!! :) x

    1. I think I will be taking a flask of lemsip the way I'm feeling today. Got a throat like gravel and feeling mighty rough. Think it's probably going to finish me off!

  2. Lovely pieces! Good luck with your market. Hope you feel better soon. Don't forget to take something to stand on, to keep your feet off the cold ground :)

    1. Good advice! Although the weather wasn't as cold as I had thought. It was a great market buy the way!!

  3. Your little wonky bowl is precious! My favorite as well. That is my style, that is what I like to do, and I love it when I see it in other's work! I am so glad I found your blog!



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