Thursday, 4 April 2013

A new approach. Photographing ceramics, staging products and white backgrounds??

Photographing work D.I.Y. style has its upsides (its not costing, I'm learning all the time and its instant, so I can work on the photos straight away, tweak and upload to wherever I want them to go.)
The flip side is its time consuming, sometimes taking as long as it does to make something from scratch,  and the photos are not always to the quality I would like and lets face it, a professional photographer would know how to shoot better than me, see my work with fresh eyes and know how to get the best from it.

I have to say I have succumbed to the white background, no creases, taken in a bright room and my pics have become more and more staged as I go along. (Mainly due to Noths appetite for staged photographs to get products initially accepted onto their website) I go along with this to a larger extent as it puts the product into perspective having a few tailored additions in the photo, creates interest ect... But.... sometimes it can go too far and on occasions I have seen photographs and not quite known what is for sale until reading the listing, there has been so much "busy" stuff and paraphernalia distracting in the photograph).
I used to just take photos of my work and that was that, I felt that the work should just speak for itself, I think I would like to go back to that sometime.

Anyway more to the point! I have taken some (staged) shots here of some new work, I am trying to get away from the stark white backgrounds for a while and set my work in a more natural environment, (where it should be)
I have tried to keep the colours authentic to the "blue" light we have in England, we don't live in the Med so our light is not yellow or orange, on the whole it is grey!

As my work is on  the whole quite Rustic in its appearance and use of colours I have teamed up with some
rustic surfaces, like this wood back ground which is a piece of weathered wood that is attached to the top of an old meat cooler.

I have also used some linen cloths and vintage wooden pegs to add some extra texture into the photograph.

In these photos I have used the weathered wood as the background and used some twisted hazel in the background which I have been introducing into my photographs of ceramic planters for some time now. I just like the curly shape and colour and have been using it to break up the white backgrounds I have been using.

This is one of my fired round stoneware pots, planted up with some parsley, perfect for the kitchen window.

More shots against a linen background. (creases & all)
Mmm think I may consider banishing the white backdrops for something a little more homely.
For the time being anyway!

I think this is about the longest blog post I have done to date!!


  1. These images are really professional looking, really lovely and clear. Beautiful work x

  2. Lovely images, I really like the first of the heart pictures.

  3. All pictures are lovely! I like the fourth one most - it's so personal and the object itself is a main point...

  4. Such positive feedback, thanks you all!
    Think i might seriously reduce the white background shots to at least one per item, that way can havevone plain background and take more rustic shots like these for thefuture shots.

  5. Great post - you should do more long ones! I know what you mean about some photos looking too cluttered but have to say yours shown here are excellent. It's obvious what the 'main' item is, and the styling only serves to compliment it. I think both simple, white-only backgrounds, and busier ones both have a place but I really like these styled shots - especially the creased fabric!

    Btw, have also featured one of your brooches on a Folksy Friday over at my blog :)

  6. I've been debating this same thing. Right now, my pictures are taken against a stark white background...but want to incorporate a more natural setting for the items. I think it will help people relate to the item and be able to better visualize what it will look like in their own home. I've even contemplated asking a photographer friend to come least with the set up so I can get an idea... Thanks for the insight!




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