Sunday, 23 October 2011

My new glaze test results after the firing

A few weeks ago I blogged about some new glazes that I had been mixing up and trying out. After a fairly successful firing last week these were retrieved from the kiln.As you can see they are very different from the original colours.
The ones marked with the stars above will are the ones I like and the ones I think suit my work best, so I will buy larger quantities of these glazes.

I used one of the glazes on this soap dish (110 Autumn Tones) Its quite an attractive bluey grey with coppery tones, so it will be added to my glaze collection.


  1. I'm not a potter, but one of the things I find exciting about this is that you relinquish control over the piece at the point of firing it - daunting and thrilling in equal measure, I should imagine...

  2. Absolutely, yes you have no control over what happens in that kiln apart from the process of firing that is. (Certainly not for control freaks) Personally I love the element of accidental surprise and think that's why I am drawn to this type of craft, it certainly keeps it interesting.Daunting too in a way, but you have to be philosophical about it and if it does go wrong you can re-fire it if it is a glaze problem and re-make if it explodes as frustrating as this may be.



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