Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hoveton Hall Gardens ~ Sculpture Trail

I had a camera at the ready for a change and I'm so glad I took some shots of these stunning walled gardens and the sculpture trail full of various works from local artists, from life sized wicker figures to gorgeous enchanting ceramic sculptures dotted around the trees and even in the streams and abstract timber forms at the forefront of a stunning landscape backdrop, here are some of the things I liked the most!
Larger than life these wood/woven figures hung from trees and sprung from the ground.

These tall standing figures stand alone under shady woodland areas, this one is probably the Green Man. Made from stoneware and coated in oxides. 

Wind chimes and bells strung from a sculptered head, the head was amazingly detailed with foxes,hares and birds all blended into the face and coated with a matt turquoise glaze.

This little ceramic face was below the water in a shallow stream.

Dragon sculpture made from steel.

I just liked this as there was a little butterfly sat at the top.

I loved these sea urchin inspired ceramics inside the glasshouse with all the succulents and alpines, really inspiring.

An old water pump inside one of the Victorian walled gardens

Heron sculpture constructed from recycles iron, check out the pliers!

Here is a photo of one of the many teeny frogs seen jumping around in the boggier areas of the woods by the lakes.


  1. Wow those are amazing! And Hoverton Hall is not far from us. Think a visit might be in order!

  2. What super sculptures! We're staying in Norwich soon and this looks a great day out. I had no idea it was there.



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