Sunday, 1 May 2011

Black Clay...... Here are some of the things I've made from black clay......

Initially I was quite daunted by using a clay like this as it's a bit ruthless to work with, messy, leaving all surfaces,tools and cloths a dark red colour which seems harder to wash away than regular buff clays and then there is the texture of it, rather resembling the texture of cement! I found it quite difficult to use, sticking to the rolling pin if too wet,cracking if too dry it was a mess with not a lot to show for it really. Perseverance has however paid off with these little textured planters. With all its negatives this black clay is really quite good stuff, if used at the right consistency it takes a good texture, doesn't shrink much and has an attractive speckle and feel too it. I like it a lot! Will definitely be using it again.
Slab pots
Planted up with a succulent

Stone Planter
Hand formed using pinch method


  1. I love the slab pots - fabulous! x

  2. Hello Naomi, I thought is was about time I visited you blog and I am glad that I did. These little slab pots are ever so lovely. I really like the clay that you are using for these!

    Stephie :-)

  3. I am looking for clay similar to this that I used back in art class decades ago. What exact type is it and where did you buy it?



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