Thursday, 27 January 2011

What I've been doing.... Commissioned tiles and rustic plant markers

These large tiles are a commision for a fire place
that I am doing currently, they are nearly at firing stage
now, its been a long old wait as its been so damp lately and because
of their size they have to be dried really slowly and weighted
to stop them curling.

Smoothed and sanded. I am going to single fire these tiles in a long slow firing up to 1260c.The glaze I will be using is a
strong charcoal with verdigri tones and eats into the clay leaving a subtle raised surface pattern. (more photos to follow)

Here are some of the tools used:
wooden bats to help keep the tiles the same thickness
surface decorators and rollers
old indian printers block
various knives

Plant markers at leather hard stage, I am stacking them to keep
them nice and straight until the firing.

Weighting down at each end with surplus tiles to prevent curling.
A collection of stock wrapped with labels and raffia ready for dispatch.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely, always fascinating taking a peek into someone else's craft, thanks for sharing, defo do some more like this, I enjoyed reading it.
    Also now following too



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