Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Items in my shops

The latest things to appear in Little Brick House Ceramics on Noths are...
Stoneware Bird feeders in two sizes

These plant markers are NEW.
They are made from terracotta clay so they match great with existing terracotta  garden pots and containers and they are included with a white pencil which shows up so much better on this colour than lead.

I have just made more of these as they have been really popular on Noths these ones however have different colours in them even though the same glaze was used. So I had to re-photograph them. Grrr.

Also a new item using a potted Topiary stamp, in line with my garden themes and  can also be written on  the reverse side.
Sold in packs on five threaded with paper sting.

I love this not sure I want to part with it. This planter has been through the kiln loads! Originally the glaze was just a light honey and I wanted to deepen the coulour, so I added the turquoise onto it and fired again. The turquoise was too matt so I put it through again with more oxide washes and a Lucie Rea Green glaze which was made from one of her recipes.
I like it too much now.

Just a quick reminder that I will be attending Clutter City at the arts centre on st. Benedict's street. Norwich. this Saturday (23rd June) and will be exhibiting some of my work.
So if you like all things quirky, unusual, vintage and handmade why not take a look.
It has a lovely atmosphere, good food, and live music. Well worth a visit for those things alone.
Hope to see some of you there. Please come and say hello.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Clutter City at Norwich Arts Centre

I will be attending Clutter City in Norwich on Sat 23rd July from 11am-4pm
Clutter City is a collaboration of designers and makers from Norwich and surrounding areas which runs 4 times per year. 
Its a lovely place to sell artwork and buy because it has such a good atmosphere, they always have good background music and as it is a music venue the lighting is very warm and they have live bands at times during the day. Throughout the day you can attend Workshops where you can make and bring the kids if you want. The bars open later on, serving good food and you can get a well earned beer.

Its name is very apt as the layout of the stalls is as you would imagine, very relaxed and boutique style appearance, like no other vintage/makers event you have attended. I am really happy to be included in this event and has restored my faith in selling and stall venues. As yes, I was loosing the will to live with expensive and shabbily presented "craft Fairs"

If you are in the area please call in its well worth a look!


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